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Emails from a Linkedin Search
Linkedin is a powerful search tool for finding people who are interested in your cause. This method lets you turn a search on Linkedin or Sales Navigator into the names, companies, titles, emails, Linkedin profiles, locations and more in one-click.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Install the Chrome Extension

Ensure you have installed the Parvenu Chrome Extension.

2. Navigate to the Linkedin Search Page

Linkedin is a powerful search tool for finding people who are interested in your cause. Open up Linkedin and select the People dropdown from the search bar.
Once you are on the search page select the "All Filters" option for
You can search for people in your area, for people who are interested in joining a nonprofit board, or interested in volunteering.

Linkedin - Free Version Filters

Available Filters
Interested in Joining a Nonprofit Board
Interested in Volunteering
Pro Bono Consulting
Current Companies
Past Companies
Connection Degree
Connections of
Services Offered
First Name
Last Name
Services Offered
A search on the free version of Linkedin will only display the first 1000 results. Split up larger searches by geography, title, etc. Learn more.
Title: CEO Location: Orlando, Florida Interest: Joining a nonprofit board
That search returned 719 potential donors who live in your local area, who are interested in giving and are able to give. Get best practices for searching on Linkedin below.

4. Extract all their Emails in 1 Click

You will get a list of names, emails, Linkedin profiles, titles, locations and more of everybody in your search in 1 click. The extension will navigate to each page on the search and collect all the contact information for everybody in the entire search.
CEOs in Orlando who are Interested in Joining a Nonprofit Board
Parvenu provides both personal emails, such as Gmail and Yahoo, as well as business emails. This makes for the perfect fundraising tool, whether you’re building a base of recurring donors, recruiting volunteers, or working toward your next corporate partnership.
Parvenu works with both the free version of Linkedin search and Sales Navigator searches with additional filter options. A regular Linkedin search can give you up to 1000 emails in 1 click and a Sales Navigator search can give you up to 2500 emails in 1 click.
Starting with a Linkedin search provides both Personal Emails and Business Emails even for 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

5. Export all their Contact Data

Parvenu has no limits. We give you unlimited contact data and unlimited exports for one low monthly price.
From the "Linkedin extract emails" option on the left side of the application choose "My Lists."