Emails from Companies

Parvenu lets you find a contacts using the company as the starting place. You can use the Domain, or you can use the Company name to find the Domain and then the companies.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Convert Company Names to Domains

1A. Navigate to "Find domains from company names"

If you already have a target company's Domain, skip to step 2.

In the Parvenu app, navigate to the "Find domains from company names."

1B. Paste your list of company names

Paste a list of company names in the panel and name your list.

1C. Download the results

Press "Convert names to domains" and wait for your list to finish processing. This process can take a few minutes and you can work on other things. We will return matching domain names for as many websites as we can find from the company's name.

You can attempt a maximum of 1000 Companies per run.

2. Convert Domains to Contacts

We can convert Domains into contacts with email addresses. These can be the domains from Step 1, or domains you have separately.

2A. Navigate to "Find B2B contacts"

Navigate to the "Find B2B contacts" section.

2B. Paste the URLs into the Domain Finder

Paste your Domains, name your list, and configure your query settings.

Query options are

  • A specific number of contacts at that Company

  • Contacts that match a target Title.

  • All the contacts at the Company.

2C. Download your results

Download your contact enrichment results as CSV, XLS, or XLSX file.

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