Native Search

Parvenu offers a native search of over 15+ million B2B companies and 500+ million B2C local businesses.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Find B2B Companies

Navigate to the "Find B2B companies" section.

You can target companies by Country, Industry, and Headcount Range.

For more advanced filter options, start with a Linkedin search.

On the right hand side you can get a count of the number of companies that match your search criteria.

This gives you fields like Company name, Domain, and Company Linkedin URL, Location, and Industry.

This can be used as a starting point for the Emails from Companies enrichment.

pageEmails from Companies

You can use the Domain field as the starting point to scrape the social media info, phones, and emails.

pageScrape from Domains

2. Find B2C Companies

Navigate to the "Find B2C local businesses" section.

In the "My lists" tab you create a new list and name it.

In the "Search for local businesses" tab you can search by Type, Location, and choose how to rank your sorting. Type can be things like "pizzeria," "restaurant," or "dentist." Choose which list you'd like to save the leads to and make your search.

2C. Enrich in 1 Click

Get up to 200 leads per enrichment in 1 click by launching the automation to save businesses automatically, or add them one by one.

These leads contain phone numbers, domains, addresses, social media URLs and Yelp ratings. Then you can export your results from the "My lists" tab.

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