Splitting Large Searches

Socials only displays the first 100 pages for any given search. This means if you have a search for larger searches we'll need to break them into smaller searches by slightly changing the search criteria.

The free version has a maximum of 1000 people per search.

Sales Navigator has a maximum of 2500 people per search.

Splitting by Geography

Original search - 2,500+ results

Keywords: Planting trees Location: United States Interests: Joining a Nonprofit Board

Not splitting the search into smaller links would result in no emails after the first 1000.

Rather than search by the entire US at once, you can search for individual cities or states until you get under 1000 leads in the search. Once Parvenu has extracted the leads, you can remove your existing locations from the search to add new ones until you have all the people in the original search.

Splitting by Title

Original search - 6,700+ results

Profile Language: English Interests: Volunteering

Another way to split a list so that each list contains less than 1000 leads is by adding title filters.

You can repeat this process until you have all the leads in your original list.

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