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Best practices for searching on a Premium Account.

What filters are available?

Premium Account Filters - Leads

Available Filters


Custom Account List

Seniority Level

Years in Current Position



Current Companies

Past Companies

Connection Degree

Company Headcount



First Name

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Company Type

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Posted Content Keyword


What are the most relevant lead filters for Sales Navigator?

Keyword: Keyword searches are powerful because they pull from anywhere on the person's profile, such as title, headline, job description, skills or interests.

Custom Account List: A custom account list lets you start by saving companies to a list within Sales Navigator and then searching for leads within that saved list.

Seniority Level: Find decision makers or as a good proxy for buying power by searching by seniority. In order from highest seniority to lowest seniority.

  1. Owner

  2. Partner

  3. CXO

  4. VP

  5. Director

  6. Manager

  7. Senior

  8. Entry

  9. Training

  10. Unpaid

Function: Search by department that they work in, rather than a specific title. For example, marketing, sales, operations, human resources, etc.

Title: Good for searching for a more narrow and specific title.

Company Headcount: Company headcount is a good proxy for revenue.

Current Company: Search for people within a specific target company.

Industry: Search for people within a specific industry.

Groups: Search for people who are in specific groups and get their email addresses. Great for interest-based targeting as they have joined groups about a relevant topic to your search.

Location: Target people that live close to you.

Premium Account Filters - Companies

Available Filters


Department Headcount

Department Headcount Growth

Annual Revenue


Technologies Used

Current Companies


Company Headcount

Company Headcount Growth


Number of Followers

Job Opportunities


What are the most relevant company filters for Sales Navigator?

Keyword: Similar to the lead filter, the company keyword filter pulls from anywhere on the company's page.

Location: Target local community partners.

Technologies Used: Search by a specific technology a company uses on their website.

Company Headcount: A more reliable proxy for revenue than the native revenue filter.

Industry: Search within a specific industry. Often times you will need to search for multiple industries to get the best results. For example, some grocery stores may be listed in the retail industry, while others are listed in the supermarket industry.

What tips do you have for searching social media?

Lead Search

Industry: Retail Function: Marketing Seniority: Director, VP, CXO Company Headcount: 10,000+

Better for

  • When the target contact works at a small company with less than 50 employees. Always use a lead search instead of an account search for small companies.

  • Effective for larger companies as well. Use either an account search or a lead search for larger companies.

  • Casting a wider net

  • May pull in some additional people who aren't wanted. For example, a search within the retail industry might return distributors, manufacturers, or people that sell to retailers. These people can be filtered out later with a data cleaning process.

Account Search

  1. Start by searching for accounts either by specific names or through search terms.

Company: Walmart

A company search lets you build a list of companies either by search terms or by name, save them to a custom account list, and then perform a lead search within your custom list.

2. Save those accounts to a custom account list in Sales Navigator.

3. Perform a lead search within your custom list of accounts from the previous step

Custom List: Saved accounts list from step 2 Function: Marketing Seniority: Director, VP, CXO

Better for

  • Starting with individual company names is better suited for large companies than small companies. Searching for people with a marketing title at a 10,000 person company can build a list by itself. Searching for people in marketing at a 10 person company may return 1-2 results, making a lead search instead an account search a better starting place for leads of smaller companies.

  • Account lists typically have less noise than lists that started with a lead search. That's because when you start by adding accounts, all of the leads will work at one of the companies on your list. This cuts through people that might be trying to sell to your target, as opposed to being your target, that you can see more in the lead search.

Use both Free and Premium searches together for more filters

Sales Navigator offers more advanced filtering than the free version, but using them together provides even more filters than are available from either of them separately.

Some filters Free Accounts offers that Premium Accounts don't:

  • Interested in joining a nonprofit board

  • Interested in volunteering

  • Interested in pro bono consulting

  • The ability to search a specific person's connections

  • Search by services offered

Learn best practices for searching free accounts' version here.

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What are Premium Account limitations?

Each Premium Account search must have under 2500 leads per search.

Each search must contain a maximum of 2500 people in a Premium Account. A search larger than 2500 people will only result in the first 2500 contacts in the search, because social searches only display the first 100 pages of a search. Learn how to get around this limitation by splitting large searches into smaller ones.

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