Emails from Full Name + Domain

Parvenu lets you find Business Emails from First Name + Last Name + Domain.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Navigate to Find Emails from CSV

In the Parvenu app, navigate to "Find Emails from CSV."

This gives you two options:

  • Enrich a CSV - multiple contacts

  • Enrich a Single Contact - single contact

2. Download the Sample File and Format Your Headers

The headers of the CSV file you import must be an exact match to the headers in Parvenu. Format the headers of your CSV so that they match your example file.

You must change your CSV's First Name column to "first_name" to properly import. "first," "first name," and "firstName" would cause it to return empty results.

3. Import your CSV

Choose the "Upload a new CSV file" option.

Your file extension must be .csv, not .xls or .xlsx. Convert your file to a CSV if it is not already.

4. Export your Results

Download your file with the business email addresses appended as a new column.

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