You can send contact data enriched by Parvenu into 2000+ other applications using Zapier.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Create a new Zap with a Webhook trigger

Create a new Zap with a Webhook trigger and the event as "Catch Hook." This will give you a Webhook URL that you can copy.

2. Choose your trigger events in Parvenu

From the "Outgoing Webhooks" page in Parvenu, choose which event you'd like to have Zapier trigger on. This can be enriching for a contact's email address, scraping a website, or finding a local business' phone number. A full list of available Webhooks can be found here.


3. Paste your Webhook URL into Parvenu

Paste the Webhook URL from Zapier into the Webhook in Parvenu you want your Zap to trigger on. Then choose "Create Webhook."

4. Create Test Data for Zapier

Trigger your Webhook by enriching data in Parvenu.This will send test data into Zapier from Parvenu.

5. Use Zapier to connect with other apps

Choose from over 2000 apps to integrate Parvenu with.

You can take the email address you found in Parvenu, verify it in TrueMail, send a contact into Hubspot and then add them to a Lemlist email outreach campaign.

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